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Timberlake TrussWorks LLC

When it comes to the design and conception of your building project and you need reliable expertise, then you need to contact us at Timberlake TrussWorks LLC of Helena, OK. With years of experience in the design, research, and manufacturing of trusses, we can virtually guarantee that any problem that you face can be solved. Our attention to detail and our expert level of precision is unmatched by any competitor. Seeing is believing and in order to see the level of detail in our work, please consult our website at Here, you can also get a taste of our company's history, details of our expanded services, and important contact information for your to call with a question or set up a consultation today! Do not hesitate to give us a call now!

Timberlake TrussWorks LLC

12177 State Highway 58, Helena, OK 73741

(580) 852-3660


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